Bewafa Dard Bhari Shayari English

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Bewafa Dard Bhari Shayari


Love is the crime that we happily committed to you,
But waiting in love is the punishment
who is still waiting?

There is no punishment for crying
This pain is just a punishment for fulfilling love.
When you laugh, tears come out of your eyes,
This is the only punishment for his heart!

Bewafa Dard Bhari Shayari English

To whom should we say heartache
To whom do you show your wounds with laughter?
This world says we are very lucky,
But to whom do you tell the story of your destiny?

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Love Shayari English Broken Heart Shayari

He kept telling us his pain while crying,
Keep stealing your eyes in our loneliness,
We got the title of Bewafa,
But we keep smiling
And kept hiding all the pain from them.

There is a lot of pain in our hearts, but
we don’t realize it
when our heart cries,
when he is not with us.

Bewafa Dard Bhari Shayari English

We are ruined in his love,
And he kept telling us that there is no such love.


Zindagi Dard Bhari Shayari

Whatever accusations are on my heart, they make me cry,
Punishment for someone’s indifference, troubling someone,
He easily said goodbye to me by breaking my heart,
But it was my circumstances that made me treacherous!

The man never cheats man,
Rather man himself
is deceived my expectations,
which he keeps for himself from others.

Bewafa Dard Bhari Shayari English

Luck has given us the same way in the world,
dropped as we wished,
tread very carefully
Still, we slipped with everyone,
If someone breaks our trust,
Somebody broke our heart
And people thought we had changed.


How painful it was for him to leave me like this,
I could neither say nor hear anything from them
In this way my love was ruined,
Nothing was stolen from me and nothing was left.


The love you gave me
She is dearer than me
Whether it’s heartache or
Tears in my eyes!

Bewafa Dard Bhari Shayari English


How can I see you without a picture?
Neither are you here love me stories
What pain have you given
I can’t live without you nor can I say anything!


Why did you make me yours
Began in a few moments
If your heart is filled with us
So why make an excuse of compulsion!


He caused so much pain that I could not bear it,
He had a habit, so he could not stay,
Even today I cry seeing him away,
But I could not say anything to the person giving pain.

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Your wish is now my dream,

But the road is also very difficult

I don’t even feel pain anymore

Because every page of the heart is now a book of pain.

Bewafa Dard Bhari Shayari English


that’s what i think all the time

what was missing in my love

The one who broke my heart went away

I still can’t handle it!


We keep making the world for their hope

He also kept on craving us moment by moment.

When our heart wanted to die in love

We died and he left with a smile.


His actions in love seem killer

Eyes also look intoxicating,

lips are often dry

The eyes also become moist.

Bewafa Dard Bhari Shayari English


There is no punishment for crying and there is no punishment for crying

There is a punishment for fulfilling the pain found in love

 When you laugh, tears come out of your eyes

This is only a punishment for putting your heart on you.


We cover our wounds by laughing

We erase the scars found in pain

will we hurt someone else now

When we ourselves are suffering.


Accidents started playing with humans

tongue started showing magic on paper

Those whose feet were kissed by success became rich

And the one whose heart was broken became a poet!


We don’t know how to shed tears in front of anyone

Neither do we know to tell the condition of our heart to anyone

Just like that all the friends got separated from us

Because maybe we don’t know how to play the relationship!


When he found us in front after years

Felt like reality is standing after thoughts

I asked him what was my account

She cried after seeing me in front!


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