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I Love You Images


I want to meet you, will you meet?
You have to give a wonderful gift, what will the heart do, tell me.

How can I describe your beauty in words,
Every time I have seen you, I have felt something new.

Why does this heart cry in your name,
why this heart dies only on you
Don’t know how much intoxication there is in your love,
Now this day has passed in your memory.

tell me when it started feeling heavy
we will walk away from life quietly

May a sweet smile always remain on your innocent face,
There may be no one, just your name should be in your prayers.

I have only one wish.
You’re everything to me.
I don’t know why they get bored.
I fall in love seeing you.

fall is not defeat
not standing again is defeat

we have something like this,
that she is not with me,
But don’t leave me.

will have to part again
so we lived apart

Their memories are called love.
Millions of lives are spent on them.
if you meet on the way
So tell them that we still wait for them.
darling i love you

When luck and wife cooperate,
then life changes

My light will be on your face,
you’ll never be far from me again,
wondering what would happen that day,
The day vermilion will be applied in my name on your demand.

Know when love will be expressed to you,
Know when you will love us,
These nights are passing in your memory,
Know when you too will be waiting for us.

I want to say that I love you.
I don’t know why I can’t say no.

A smile has no value.
Some relationships have no weight.
Such people are found at every turn
But there is no one as precious as you.
so i tell you i love you

After many years you have cried with a hug.
Why have you left this heart of mine?
I love you
By saying that I love you.

you are my life, you are my dream,
You are simplicity, you are smile,
all i want to say is
You are my wish, you are my life.

To be honest, it feels like a dream,
Teach them that they find it funny,
How fondly we remember them,
And there are others who enjoy it all.

This heart of mine beats with your love,
This heart of mine flows in your name,
look at the web of my heart
It’s mine but beats just for you.

i wish someone loved me too
I wish someone would attack me too
i want to come out in the lock
I wish someone would wait for me on the path of love,




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