Then you reminded about the past!

Then you reminded about the past!

Do we ever wish to live?
Dodging is also important to handle !!

Do not fall from the eyelids, take care of these pearls!
The world has no sight to see !!

When you woke up suddenly at night!
Then you reminded about the past!
Feel alienated even after being alien
You put something tightly on your chest !!

Promise to be friends with you!
This will be the effort that will not haunt you !!
Call out from the heart if you ever need to!
Even if I die, I will bring peace to God !!
I write in the morning, I write in the evening!
I write all my heart !!
That mobile also goes crazy!
On which I write your name !!

This is the lesson we have learned over the years!
Nothing is achieved by shedding tears !!
Grow and snatch your rights
Nothing is found in bowing the head !!

Do not come with me on your own!
Do not come to bury my dead body !!
Somewhere my death is not accused of them !!
Therefore Rashm-e-Mayyat did not come to fulfill !!
This is the message of burning desires!
This is the result of love in this era !!
Whom will you appeal to, my friend!
This is the place of loyalty in this world !!

We were the ones that used to laugh at nights!
Now we are the ones that do not stop tears

Not the infamous who created the heart!
What arises from the heart is Be bad !!

Sleep did not give him any leisure time!
regret ! Woke up and I fell asleep

Heard the best gift is a rose!
Give roses to someone who is a rose himself !!

City is a name on your tongue
Whereas you left my thoughts !!

He is very excited about his kiss!
Today he is back in the temple !!
They know how to torment me!
See, he is moving his chest

He sees the ideas in his mirror!
And see if anyone sees it !!

O you persecute me as much as you do!
I want to see how far you are!

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