May the rising sun bless you, Blooming flowers give you the fragrance, We are not capable of giving anything, May God give you thousand happiness.

Let no one steal your laughter, May no one ever make you cry The lamp of happiness burns like this in life, that no storm can destroy it.

Yes, my heart's wish is yours. And where you get happiness, Whenever you ask for a star in the sky, So God give you the whole sky.

Heart is glad to meet you, I found everything in the world, But the desire to live came to meet you.

Flowers have sent a jam of nectar, The sun has sent a salute to Sky, happy birthday to you, We have sent this salute wholeheartedly.

You have a wealth of friends, But this friend is your old one, Never forget this friend Because this friend is crazy about your friendship.

Sitting in love with you, it will be sad for a lifetime This happened to you, why this question will remain for life

I accept every pain, every trouble, I want you just tell me do you love me It's accepted.