Life is worth laughing, love it Now it's night, you wait for the morning The moment you want will come, Trust in that God, have faith in the time to come.

We should have the same faith in ourselves As much as we believe in medicines, Because your people are a bit bitter But think only for your benefit!

You touch the sky, don't look for the ground Live your life, don't look for happiness Destiny will change on its own, O my friend, You learn to smile, the reason why you never search.

Rather your ability is hidden inside you Which makes her jealous of you seeing this

Torture is not that bad, As bad as your silence is,

Learn to speak otherwise in this world, Generations of you will be born dumb.

If you don't have the spirit to wake yourself up God's blessings can never wake him up

The personality that rose in your own eyes No power in the world can shake you!